We produce fish, shrimp, and poultry feed for farmers who want to ensure their crop grows to their full potential every harvest.

agriculture and aquaculture
agriculture and aquaculture
agriculture and aquaculture

Niribili Fish Feeds

Established in 1996, Niribili Fish feeds ltd. was one the first commercial fish feeds manufacturing company in Bangladesh. For over a decade have been providing quality feed to fish farmers in Bangladesh. Our fish feeds are designed to make sure the fish farmers in Bangladesh can cultivate their harvest in the most economic and environmentally sustainable way. By using our commercial fish feeds fish farmers can ensure growth of their crop and thus ensuring profitability.

Niribili Shrimp Feeds

Niribili Shrimp feeds had begun its journey in 1996, it was one of only 6 Shrimp feeds manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Niribili Shrimp Feeds produces premium commercial shrimp feeds for farmers to cultivate Prawns (Macrobrachium Rosenberger). Our shrimp feeds are produced from environmentally sustainable raw materials sourced both locally and internationally. We do not compromise on quality, and we strive to provide the shrimp farmers with feed they need to maximise the chances of profitability.

Niribili Poultry Feeds

Niribili Poultry feeds has been established in 2011, we are a relatively new combatant in the competitive poultry feed landscape of Bangladesh. We strive to produce quality poultry feeds for poultry farmers. By using our feeds poultry farmers can ensure proper growth of their poultry flock subsequently drastically increasing chances of profitability. Here at Niribili Poultry feeds, we work to make sure, the poultry farmers’ livelihood is not threatened by providing them with poultry feeds, manufactured from environmentally sustainable raw materials, that ensures proper growth of their flock.